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domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

North Patagonia the perfect fly fishing destination

Either if you travel with your family as well as with your fishing mates, the region around San Martín and Junín de los Andes, better known as the lakes district, exhibits some features which make it a perfect destination for your fly fishing trip.

Below we expose those we consider are most important, might help you know the region a little more and may make you choose it as your next fly fishing destination.

San Martín de los Andes, a perfect town program for a family trip.

Many of us, during our fly fishing lifetime, have ever had to arrange a trip where combining family interests with fly fishing has been its first issue. Even more challenging would have been that your family could enjoy each of the days you would be out fishing as much as you do. Well, let me tell you that this is a great future which turns San Martín de los Andes a great destination for your family Trip.
San Martín de los Andes is a typical mountain village with charming architecture, has more than 35,000 inhabitants and is located on the eastern headwaters of the Lacar Lake, south of the province of Neuquén, Argentina. It has a wide range of accommodations, allowing us to find the right choice for each of the trips we organize. Downtown provides lots of outstanding gastronomic options of both regional and international cuisine which are usually accompanied by some world renowned Argentine Malbec’s. For sure, at each of the restaurants you visit, you will not only enjoy their exquisite meals but also great moments.
Finally, let me tell you about one of the most important features for your family trip. This area has an endless range of non fishing activities. Yes!, everybody will find a great way to spend the day while you are out fishing. Half day as well as full day activities can be arranged. Conventional touring to know touristic attractions, riding through great mountain bike paths, all skill level of trekking and hiking, Kayaking the Lakar, Nonthue or Machónico lakes, horse-back riding among amazing sceneries and rafting over grade I up to IV+ rapids are some of the options among others. Also those requiring some time to recover and relax can enjoy a relaxation program based on water systems and different types of massage. Lot of options… lots of fun!
For sure, San Martín de los Andes town programs are a great option to enjoy superb trout fishing as well as lovely familiar moments.


The región around Junín and San Martín de los Andes, commonly known as North Patagonia Area, has a large diversity of trout waters. More than 20 fishing possibilities among Rivers, Streams and Lakes, within a small radius around San Martín de los Andes downtown will let us daily fish different waters. Streamer fishing, dry fly fishing – many times being in front of sight fishing situations – or nymph fishing; North Patagonia has a perfect water structure for each angling preference.

This large water variety also gives us the advantage to eventually face the needs of any last minute change on the schedule due to weather, water or fishing conditions, as well as the possibility to offer our clients different outing types to enjoy their fly fishing trips in the area. Daily wading and float trips, float trips with riverside camp overnights and lake fishing are some of the options we include in our tailor made programs. In the same way, Northern Patagonia Argentina offers the angler a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. You can decide to be hosted in downtown as well as in some of the many fly fishing lodges and estancias of the area, which usually provides private river access; or just ask for a combination of them.
North Patagonia diversity not only gives us an outstanding operational flexibility, it also let us find the perfect program that best fits your needs.

An extensive fishing season.

North Patagonia River season starts during early November (2015 date would be November the 7th) and extends up to May the 31st.
Almost seven months of sport fishing season in Northern Patagonia Argentina, gives you the opportunity to schedule your trip from a widespread calendar, making it easier to find a date that would better fit your travel possibilities. On the other hand you will be able to choose from a wide range of options among techniques, weather, natural phenomenons and prices.
Early season usually expose a colder and windy weather with high water levels due to late spring rains and snow thaw. This would be the right time to fish your bank with some dries and nymphs when wading, for example, the Malleo River; while streamers with a sinking tip line would be the choice for most of the time during float trips.

Between end December and mid April you will find the drier weather in Noth Patagonia; being late February the time when rivers reach their lowest level. As water warms up and its level decrease, we will need to head our fishing strategy on more oxygenated and faster waters, using longer leaders and thinner tippets.
Late fall will carry the first late season rains and the weather gradually starts getting cold again, however, you should consider this late season time if you are a serious fisherman in search of big fish!
About prices, what you must know is that November as well as the period between Mid April up to end of May usually have special rates, cheaper than the peak season ones (December, January, February and March). So those are dates you need to consider if you want to travel for a lower cost.
Northern Patagonia Argentina features some natural phenomenons wich make the experience amazing. Fishing the minnows migration in the Collón Cura River and Caleufu River between ends of January up to late March will be breathtaking. Late January willow worm hatch in the Alumine River will make your adrenaline rise up to unthinkable levels as well as hopper time in the lower Chimehuín River. Later in the season, by end of March, Brown trouts start their spawn migration; great time to head your trip to the Limay Medio River in search of a trophy trout!

Until next drift!

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Willys Ant Fly - Fly tying instructions

I first heard about this fly some time ago, when I first started in the Fly Fishing guide business. My co-workers told me to look for it in the Montana Fly Co. directory. At first I thought it was just another kind of Chernobyl ant, but time showed me that it was much more than simply "another kind of Cherno..." As simple as effective, this fly demonstrate an excelent "all-terrain" preformance with an awesome buoyancy. Twitch it or leave it on a long dead drift and you'll get surprised!


Hook: #8-12 Hopper hook.
Thread: 3/0 black.
Body and Thorax: Red ice dubbing.
Legs: Round rubber legs - Black.
Wing / Indicator: White Polypropylene Yarn.

Step by Step

Step 1

Wrap the thread around the hook shank.

Step 2
Make a thick body of red dubbing.
Step 3
Tie the black foam just before where the hook bend start.
Step 4
Tie one pair of rubber legs at each side of the fly. Add a couple of wraps with dubbing just to cover the black thread.
Step 5
Add another pair of rubber legs on each side of the fly just where the thorax of the fly should be.
Step 6
Tie the white wing / indicator and add a couple of red dubbing for the thorax. Finished fly.
Step 7
Ventral view.

Until next drift!

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

Middle Limay River - Fishing Report

We've been fishing the Middle Limay River for 3 days with 2, riverside camp, overnights. We found this outstanding tailwaters river with a very low water level, which made each of its water structures perceptible.
Fishing was really outstanding! Each day we had lots of dry fly action. Very healthy and powerful rainbows between 18" and 21", as well as medium size Brownies, were really active and filled up our fishing trip with unthinkable leveles of adrenaline.
Big foam attractors tied to a 2x tippet were the choice most of the time, while thinner tippets and #14 parachute or caddis were used when we advise any raising trout.

Until next drift!

viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

Chimehuín River Fishing Report

We floated the Chimehuín River from its junction with the Quilquihue River until it pour its waters into the Collon Cura River.
We reach the Chimehuín floating down through the Quilquihue with a dreamed day. No wind, full sun and with a temperature that touched 28 celsius degrees.
Chimehuin's water level was within the normal range for the date. Mayflies and Caddis hatches joined us in the early hours of the morning, and although we did not see too many trout feeding on the surface, we got several strikes with small parachutes and cdc caddis. However, most of the time, medium attractors were the most effective flies.

Until next drift!