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miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Willys Ant Fly - Fly tying instructions

I first heard about this fly some time ago, when I first started in the Fly Fishing guide business. My co-workers told me to look for it in the Montana Fly Co. directory. At first I thought it was just another kind of Chernobyl ant, but time showed me that it was much more than simply "another kind of Cherno..." As simple as effective, this fly demonstrate an excelent "all-terrain" preformance with an awesome buoyancy. Twitch it or leave it on a long dead drift and you'll get surprised!


Hook: #8-12 Hopper hook.
Thread: 3/0 black.
Body and Thorax: Red ice dubbing.
Legs: Round rubber legs - Black.
Wing / Indicator: White Polypropylene Yarn.

Step by Step

Step 1

Wrap the thread around the hook shank.

Step 2
Make a thick body of red dubbing.
Step 3
Tie the black foam just before where the hook bend start.
Step 4
Tie one pair of rubber legs at each side of the fly. Add a couple of wraps with dubbing just to cover the black thread.
Step 5
Add another pair of rubber legs on each side of the fly just where the thorax of the fly should be.
Step 6
Tie the white wing / indicator and add a couple of red dubbing for the thorax. Finished fly.
Step 7
Ventral view.

Until next drift!